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Our Expertise in Machine Manufacturing

  • How can I contact you ?
    Call us on +91-77089 23666 , +91-97919 79696 or email us or visit our Contact us page -
  • Medical Textile
    urgical Cotton Machine link - Syringe Making Machine link - Bouffant Cap Making Machine - Face Mask Machine - Mobbing pad making machine -
  • Hygiene Products
    Cotton Ball link - Mobbing Pad link - Gauze Swap Link - Absorbent Cotton Roll - Sanitary Napkin & Underpad Link - Gauze Swap -
  • Spinning Textiles
    Lab Model Spinning Machine link - Open Spinning Machine link - Textile Blow Room Carding -
  • What type of business you want to do in medical textile industry?
    There are two kinds of business available in the medical textile. The first one belongs to cotton fibre and another one belongs to cotton gauze. With the help of the cotton fibre, we can manufacture the surgical cotton roll, earbud, cotton balls and dressing pad. With the help of the gauze cloth, we can manufacture gauze roll, gauze pad, cotton swap, dressing pad, mobbing pad, etc, … The investment belongs to cotton fibre is 63 lakhs to 2.5 crore. The investment needed for cotton cloth from 10 lakhs to 40 lakhs. We take care processing parameters training and quality achievement marketing is customer scope.
  • How much production capacity is available in surgical cotton roll making plant?
    The minimum production capacity available in surgical cotton roll making plant is 500 kg per day and the profit ratio is 2lakhs. If we are investing 93lakh then the profit ratio is 8.3lakhs.
  • How much production capacity is available in sanitary napkin making machine?
    The production capacity is based on the machine design. It starts from 8p per minute,16p per minute ,25p per minute,40p per minute,60p per minute.
  • Byproducts of surgical cotton?
    The Byproducts of surgical cotton roll, surgical balls, pad, facial makeup kid, raw materials for the sanitary napkin and many more medical related products
  • Our other product lines ?
    The other product lines are cotton waste acquiree plant, pillow making machine, facemask making machine, surgical shoe cover making machine, surgical cap making machine, N95 mask making machine, French fold cotton swap machine, sanitary napkin making machine, syringe making machine, adult diaper making machine, under pad making machine, blow room cards textile industry, mobbing pad making machine, gam g roll.
  • How will be the service backup and raw materials supply from Amarnaathh Engineering?
    The Amarnaathh engineering is one of the leading surgical bleached cotton manufacturing and suppliers. We have well qualified designing engineers, electrical and mechanical engineers, erection, and service engineers to backup of the service.
  • What are the government subsidies available for medical textile industry?
    Generally absorbent surgical cotton comes under the kadhi board central government subsidy. The central and state government gives 25% subsidy.
  • What will be the maintenance of the Surgical cotton making plant?
    The maintenance of the Surgical cotton making plant is almost we can call these zero maintenances. Our engineers will be thoroughly trained technician in the erection spot during installation.
  • What is the drug license required and government certifications needed for starting surgical cotton roll making plant?
    We need pollution certificate and drug licence certificate.
  • How to determine the quality of surgical cotton?
    The quality of surgical cotton is by the 11 parameters like absorbent Ashes test, neps per gram, whiteness index and sinking test.
  • What is the scope of export for medical textile business?
    There is the huge requirement for the surgical cotton roll. it have demand in India and in abroad also. Because most of the countries not growing the cotton and they have difficulty in bleaching the cotton. Hence the huge demand for surgical cotton roll making plant globally.
  • What will be the Return-on-investment (ROI) on surgical cotton roll making plant ?
    The Return-on-investment (ROI) on surgical cotton roll making plant is based on the investment and selling capacity. The investment 500 kg per month for manufacturing plant the profit alone after expenses will be 2lakhs per month.
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